Using a Hoop to Display Your Cross Stitch

It’s so easy to use a hoop to display your finished cross stitch! I found this great tutorial I thought I would share with you today! Wooden hoops are widely available and come in a variety of sizes. Select a hoop that fits your piece nicely.

  1. Use tailor’s chalk or a fabric marker  to draw around the inside of the outer hoop on the felt piece. Cut out the felt circle and set it aside.
  2. Layer the batting behind the cross stitch and position both of them in the hoop. Carefully pull the fabric taut so that it’s centered and wrinkle free. Tighten the hoop. Roughly trim the batting and aida into a circle about 1″ / 2.5cm larger than the hoop
  3. Gather the raw edge in.  Cut a long piece of strong thread and knot the end. Sew around the edge, through both layers, using a basting stitch. Pull both ends of the thread to gather the fabric and tie securely. 

4. Sew the felt circle to the back:
Take the felt piece and cover the gathered fabric. If you wish, before sewing the felt to the cross stitch piece you can embroider a message to your recipient or your initials. Cut a long length of the same thread or spare embroidery floss and knot the end. Use an overcasting stitch to stitch the felt backing on and finish with a knot.

Your finished piece is ready to be hung, or gifted to a friend.  

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time, be happy, be well, and most of all, be kind.



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