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Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post and for choosing Anabella’s for your cross stitch, quilting and paper crafting needs.  My name is Elayne and I’m the owner of Anabella’s.  I’ve been cross stitching since I was 12 and let’s just say I’ve had a WIP for decades!  I truly love to stitch. It relaxes me and keeps my hands busy so I don’t snack.  I also love to scrapbook, stamp, quilt, crochet, garden, decorate and do all sorts of DIY projects!

I have 4 beautiful adult children, three of whom are adopted, and one who is my daughter-in-law, but who I love like my own. I also have a two grandsons and a third on the way! My husband Terry is my best friend and an avid golfer. He is also my biggest cheerleader.  We have two Yorkies, a quaker parrot, and our oldest daughter’s cat.  The cat was supposed to stay for the “weekend”, and here we are 10 years later…

This blog will be about Anabella’s, but it will also give you a peek into my life and all of the things I love to do and want to share with all of you. I also record a Flosstube video each week on Friday’s which you can find on my YouTube channel here.

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Perfectly Imperfect

My philosophy on cross stitching, quilting, and paper crafting is that it’s okay to be Perfectly Imperfect. It’s silly to strive for perfection when it in doing so, you lose the joy and the love that you have for your craft. There are no Cross Stitch Police or Paper Crafting Police or Quilting Police!  It’s perfectly okay to be off a stitch or two; have a crooked seam, or wish the photo you adhered to a page wasn’t off center. 

We tend to be so hard on ourselves. We think we should stitch on linen, when like me, it makes us miserable. Or that the backs of our projects need to look as good as the front. What starts out as joy and excitement when our new pattern arrives, turns to frustration and dismay when we have to frog for an hour just to correct that one little stitch we missed.

It’s okay to be Perfectly Imperfect and to proudly display the cross stitch piece that is missing a motif, or that has an x that isn’t crossed. And it’s okay to be Perfectly Imperfect and have a quilt that might have corners that aren’t perfectly pointed or a crooked binding.  Be gentle with yourself and remember that at the end of the day what matters most is that you stitch or sew or craft and that it brings you happiness.   

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Welcome to Anabella’s! I hope you will sit back, relax and take some time to get to know us! We would love to be your go-to shop for all things cross stitch, quilting, and paper crafting related!
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