Barbara Ana Designs THE WITCHES INN Cross Stitch Pattern

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Barbara Ana Designs THE WITCHES INN Cross Stitch Pattern

Are you looking for a place to stay on October 31st? May we suggest this quaint little roadside inn operating ever since 1692!

Here’s yet another of Barbara Ana’s fun and whimsical Halloween cross stitch patterns. This time the designer has come up with a wonderful idea, a witch running her own little inn!

The pattern comes as two charts. The larger chart features the welcoming “Witch’s inn” seen from the roadside, with a cute signboard and all windows alight. The witch is tending to her garden, sweeping the yard.

The second chart is delightful too, with a peak inside the inn. The witch is now tucked into her bed, shoes neatly arranged next to it, one cat at her feet and another one hiding under the bed.

Text includes: The witch’s inn, Bead & Breakfast since 1692

The piece has been cross stitched using some of Romy’s creations overdyed threads, one of which (Barbara’s pumpkin) has been specifically designed for this pattern. DMC substitutes are also provided. Given the colorway is quite straightforward you may also consider picking your very own colours using some of your favorite overdyeds

Frame/finishing not included.
Thanks for looking!

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